2nd course finished in Korea

Yes, Dan was very tired when he finished the last class on Friday afternoon. The students were wonderful and so committed to doing the Lord's bidding.


Georgia in traditional Korean dress 8 28 07

Georgia's trip to the Palace near by

Yes, I spent about 4 hours at Gyeongbokgung, the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty (it is only a five minute walk from our hotel). I was there for the fantastic changing of the guards and I was able to try on a guard outfit for free. The photo in the traditional dress cost tho. I even got interviewed by a Korean journalist for Seoul News (we'll see what happens with that).

More from Korea 8 28 07

We are now in Seoul and Dan just finished his 3rd day of teaching about 70 students at Kingdomizers with Moses Lee. Here are some photos, while Dan teaches I go exploring and am having a great time.


Korean lunch at the Beach

Je-Soon and Jee-Hae took us to lunch at a simple beach reastaurant, but it was wonderful, very Korean. The last photo is of Dan teaching in the classrooom and Handong Global University in Pohang, Korea.

Bogyeongsa Temple, Pohang, Korea

Dan took the students to a famous Budhist temple in the mountains. It was right out of National Geographic, begun in 602 AD and still active today. Budhism is a philosophy (not a religion) but much ancestor worship is practiced at such temples. This day they were in the 49th day of 100 days of prayer for a man who died.


1st Anniversary in Pohang, Korea

We had a good trip here, stayed in the Seoul Castle Hotel first night then a road trip across and down S. Korea to Pohang where the Handong University is located. This is a beautiful country. We noticed construction everywhere, 14 to 20 cranes working at sites building large highrise appartment complexes. Of course the food is very different, too.


Going to Korea

So on the 16th we fly JAL to Tokyo then on to Seoul, Korea for almost 4 weeks. Dan will be teaching in 3 different universities. Yes, we have a baby lizard in our back yard! And here is what the morning looks like in the front yard.


Stan and Dan Shaw

We drove to Hemet and spent some time with Dan's dad and his wife, Toni, on Sunday. Had a great Chinese dinner. The weather was over 100 so we didn't stay long as their AC was on the blink (but scheduled to be repaired the next day).


PowWow in Pasadena

This weekend is the First Nations PowWow here at Wm Carey University. We met friends and even got to dance in the welcome, opening circle dance again this year. Cheryl Bear was the woman opener (she has a new CD out (www.cherylbear.com) titled The Good Road. Here are a few photos, including the Grand Opening with Saginaw Grant bringing in the buffalo staff (he stared with Anthony Hopkins in World's fastest Indian-great movie about the Indian motorcycle). Brian Bright Cloud was the announcer and has a great "Indian" sense of humor. We met people from Vancouver, BC area and that was wonderful to fellowship with Native believers.


Bernie Gobin in our TV room

I was working with photo shop and put these two photos together of Bernie playing his drum in Tulalip and of me holding the salmon drum he gave us last month and the "talking stick" he made for me 25 years ago.


Dodger game 8 2 07

Yes, we did go to the game and wanted to see Barry Bonds tie the homerun record,but "not in our house" was the Dodger fan's response! Julia went with us along with Ken Gates from Seattle. Ken is assisting Dan in the 2-week Research Design course this month.
Plus our week-end pastor at Lake Avenue, Denny Bellesi threw out the first pitch to our new pastor Greg Waybrignt--great team!