Christmas 2009

Christmas was a very relaxing, refreshing time for us. We talked with Rob's family on Thursday (he had to fly on Christmas day). After spending time with Rick's family we came home and talked with Ryan's family via skype.


Dinner with home Bible Study group at Panda Inn

We had a wonderful time with the members of our home Bible study group tonight for dinner and then exchanging crazy white elephant gifts.


My nephew David visited us

Yes, David was with us for a couple of hours to catch up on intervening years and share a meal together. This was David's first time to meet Dan and be in our home so it was fun showing him around, plus he fixed some computer problems I was having, thanks Dave.


thanksgiving 2009

We had a wonderful time with several Fuller students from various countries; Uganda, Germany, Cameroon and missionary to the Philippines. While we were in Cameroon in 2007 we met Barbara and Blaise Beboua's parents (he in long white embroidered shirt, she in the middle of three ladies on the couch in brown gown) and they arrived in the United States for the first time last week. What a joy to have them in our home along with their family that they have not see for 6 years. Also Blaize's aunt (on couch in purple gown) who is here caring for their 3 children while Barbara and Balise study. David and Anna Ofumbi and little girl were with us, Nicole from Cameroon (in yellow and white gown), Birgit Herppich from Germany (holding child in 4 photos), and Jacquiline Huggins (Wycliffe in the Philippines) in red sweater.

In the one photo you see the children and Blaise checking out the reindeer Georgia is making from fallen palm fronds. The kids thought they looked more like elephants!
It was such a lovely afternoon we prayed in the back yard and then ate in the dining room inside.


School of Intercultural Studies photo 2009

Yes, this is the time of year the SIS photo is taken so we were both home for it this year and post it with pleasure.


Ashley Thaxton in final 7 for Rose Queen 2010

Yes, my god daughter, Ashley, was selected for the royal court and the Queen will be announced on Oct 20. Ashley is a senior at John Marshall High School this year. She is the granddaughter of Eddie and Renee Gibbs.


Palomar Observatory

We also went to see the 200 inch Hale telescope at Palomar outside of San Diego. Great experience.

More California Missions

Yes, we visited two more missions on our trip to San Diego for our 3rd anniversary outing. At San Luis Rey there are 144 window panes in the dome, fantastic. The river pattern in the heavy wooden doors is typical of the missions. We were most taken with the ruins of the San Juan Capistrano mission that is being rebuilt.


Back yard humming bird circus

This morning the humming birds were amazing to watch, so I caught this video is show you how many we have at various times. They are wonderful to have around.


New York City June 2009 on our way to London

Almost forgot to post this my first time in New York City. Our hotel was one hotel away from Ground Zero! So we got to visit the Statue of Liberty and Wall Street!

More of the Cruise

couldn't get all the photos on the first post.

Mediterranean Cruise June 28-July 12, 2009

At last I am rested enough to update our blog with all the adventures we had in Europe. It was great...see the photos that are worth many more words! The itinerary was: Malaga (Granada), Spain; Barcelona, Spain; Cannes, France; flornece, Italy; Rome, Italy; Gibraltar, Gibraltar; Lisbon, Protugal; and Vigo, Spain.


MAF gets first Kodiak

Georgia finally got a close up and personal view of MAF's new Kodiak aircraft at the El Monte Airport near Pasadena. The Kodiak 100 was designed and manufactured by Quest Aircraft and runs on jet fuel, allowing MAF to reduce its dependency on avgas while ministering in remote, isolated areas. This first MAF KODIAK will be used in Papua, Indonesia. Dan is pictured here with John Boyd, MAF USA director. Georgia got right in and took photos of the inside, fantastic, just fantastic and so clean, too!

Fuller SIS graduation 2009

Yes, graduation time again, but this one was more special than usual, as the first "cohort" from SIS graduated 5 Dr. of Missiology students. And such a celebration we had, 30 folks here at our home for a time of eating and sharing. This first cohort was from Toronto, Canada and Dan was their mentor. So pictured here are Dan and Doug McConnell signing the dissertation sheets, Betsy Glanville and Dan signing Vaden Williams' cover sheet, Dan with all the grads; Ruth Cassidy, Harold Minor, Chad and Leslie Segraves, Christine Vaughan, Malcolm Hartnell, Joseph Wamutitu, Wondferahu Ersulo and Assefa Zelelew. And a photo of little Joeli Segraves learning to put on her sandle while standing!


May 29, 2009 celebrating 62 years

Yes, it was Georgia's birthday so we got out of the fog blanketed city and drove up to Mt. Wilson for a picnic. It was wonderful and we got to see a large piece of history, especially the 100 inch telescope. It gave us incentive to drive down to Palomar to see the 200 inch telescope next.