Descanso Gardens

We spent a couple of hours at one of Dan' favorite 'retreat' spots in this area. The doctoral students take one Friday a couple of times a year and listen to the Lord. Here are some shots of our time there; Dan's favorite spot in the woods, the roses, coi pond, sun dial and the car parked by the gorgeous blooming pink trumpet trees. Later Mike Olson stopped into have a sit in the backyard and catch up with Dan. They are long time buds from Papua New Guinea days.


And now the rest of the story!

Last summer Dan and I spent 3 weeks in South Korea. During that time we visited the DMZ between N and S Korea. I took a photo of Dan at the Uniting Painting by Raran Lurie and just today learned more about the man and the painting. Here are photos of Dan, what the painting looks like in S. Korea, then one of the United Nations version, Greek, and Jerusalem. Ranan Lurie appears twice in the same 1999 Guinness Book of World Records, representing two very different categories. He holds for 20 consecutive years the title of “The most widely syndicated political cartoonist in the world,” as well as being a scion to the oldest recorded living family today: "His family is directly descended from the royal house of the biblical King David and can trace its genealogy back to the 10th century BC." Check out the Uniting painting at www.UnitingPainting.com


Ashley's singing group wins!

My God-daughter, Ashley Rene Thaxton loves singing and has such a wonderful talent. (Ashley is in the front row 3rd girl from the left, behind the award--the beautiful young 16 year old!)

Students from Pasadena's Soto Voce choir joined sweltering Renaissance Faire crowds Saturday April 12 for a command performance fit for royalty.
The eight sophomores and juniors from the Marshall Fundamental School choir were invited to sing before the faire's queen after winning the faire's first-ever Madrigal competition.
Hundreds of student choirs across Southern California applied, but Soto Voce "had it perfect," said Colleen Russell-Elkins, who doubles as the faire's musical director and public relations director.
"The songs can be complicated because our modern ear is not used to the tonality and the harmonies," she said. "These kids blew me out of the water ... When I listened to their audition, I got chills."
That's no small compliment, coming from Russell-Elkins, who minored in Renaissance music and has studied the romantic Renaissance-era songs known as Madrigals for more than 20 years.
"It's beautiful music. It's almost addictive," she said, noting the songs were sung for fun or entertainment in the courts of wealthy families.
Soto Voce, which first formed this school year, sung an authentic Italian Madrigal called "Fa una canzona," or "Write me song," written by Orazio Vecchi during the Renaissance.
Marshall Fundamental Secondary School won the grand prize during an award ceremony for the first annual Madrigal Competition (a short love poem that is sung) during the Renaissance Pleasure Faire April 12. 2008 in Irwindale.


Donkey Ollie and Monrovia Street Fair

Last night Dan and I took Betty Sue Brewster with us to the Monrovia Street Fair. I had just completed a CD presentation for Destinations ministry and was scheduled to deliver it to Ramses and Mariam Ibrahim at their table on Myrtle Street (here they are working their table).
One of the most fascinating parts of the evening was seeing this baby watch the DVD "Donkey Ollie", the story of the donkey who carried Jesus into Jerusalem in preparation for the Last Supper. The music and animation are wonderful, I recommend it for all kids. www.donkeyollie.com

My sister Charlene and cancer

The first born in our family, Charlene, was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma last month and had a blast of chemo that nearly ended her life (according to doctors in Ann Arbor, MI). I stayed in hospital with Char for part of 6 days and got to see God restore her health - just this week her daughter sent me the photo of Char getting ready to go home on the 10th. Yes, we are praising the Lord and trusting Him to bring Char thru the remainder of her chemo regiment.