Granddaughter Julia and Cheering

Yes, Julia and her "Victory" cheer group won 1st place and Grand Champion yesterday at the competion here in Pasadena. She is one of the little ones at the top of the pyramid! Dan is so proud of his Julia.


Praying for Los Angeles, the country and the world

Saturday, Jan. 17th was a glorious day here, so we took a short drive up to the Angeles National Forest. We got out at a 'look out' and spent some time praying for various needs as we extended our hands out over Los Angeles basin and toward Santa Catalina Island. I was reminded of that verse that says, "IF MY PEOPLE, WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME WILL HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND PRAY..." Lord, may your will be done here on earth as it is being done in heaven.


Holiday frig door

I love it when we open greeting cards and there is a photo. Yes, they go up on the frig and we're reminded to pray for the faces pictured there. From family to friends to ministry partners. From Washington to Texas to Virginia to Michigan to Arizona. From Turkey to India to Africa to Australia. From MAF to SVM2 to WBT to FTS to Servants to CRI to FedEx. You might say our frig door is a window to our world!


Willie Addai improving

Just received an email from Willie with the wonderful news that after one month of the prescription from Mayo Clinic in Arizona he is able to stand, take a few steps and swing his arms more than previously. Praise the Lord, here is some from his email:

I am beginning to understand the medical/spiritual phenomenon! God’s purpose for me is unfolding….

The time off has been a great blessing. I am amazed at the ways God is using this time off to provide healing, affirmation, and equipping me for another phase of ministry.

It is also refreshing for me to continue mentoring key leaders by emails and telephone. I have designed two web sites, drafted seven textbooks and leadership training manuals as well as videos. It’s all about helping leaders discover and utilize their God-given talents to make a difference in organizations, nations, and communities in Africa.

I have had an opportunity to observe colleagues and students provide excellent leadership and training during my time off. My staff is ably maintaining the buildings and grounds of the Leadership Center in Kumasi. I have such a gifted group of ministry colleagues, and I did know!

Thank you for your prayers, encouraging acts and emails. God answered your prayers! God is doing more than I can ask or expect. His mighty hand is on me, giving me joy, hope and peace.

visit from Dr. Willie Laskowski

One of Dan's long time friends from Papua New Guinea was on a layover at LAX and we met for dinner and 3 hours of 'catch up'. Willie and Carol now live in Florida.

Three days at the Marriott in Buellton, CA